Zangger Popcorn Hybrids is an industry leading Seed Supplier, supplying individuals and companies with the custom products they need.Since the early 1980's the Zangger family has been originating, selecting, developing, testing and producing Hybrid Popcorn Seed.  We are a family owned corporation and have an excellent team of employees who strive for quality and efficency when processing your order.  Located in the North Loup Valley in Central Nebraska, this area has a rich heritage of growing popcorn. 

Commercial popcorn has been grown in Valley County Nebraska since the early 1890's.  Central and Western Nebraska continue to be one of the largest producers of popcorn in the world.  Some of the reasons we are able to produce such strong adaptable hybrids that are top quality and top yielding are irrigation, cooler August nights, and higher elevation.  Our hybrids are grown in different regions all over the world.



Zangger Popcorn Hybrids prides itself on having some of the strongest, most adaptable hybrid popcorn seed in the industry. We take extra care of our seed from planting to harvest, cleaning to conditioning, treating to bagging so that you can rely on a quality product every time. Currently we ship throughout the United States and have shipped to 21 international countries. We are open and willing to pursue a working relationship no matter the distance!



ZPH has a wide selection of top end hybrids that have been tested and proven as some of the most successful varieties in the popcorn industry. Whether it's mushroom, butterfly, high yield, high expansion, or white - we have it all. Contact us to discuss which option would best suit your growing zone and customer needs. Product guides are available for interested parties.


We currently offer the following certifications for shipping our product:

  • OECD

  • ISTA

ZPH is a member of ASTA and offer a non-GMO product. All seed is extensively tested using the PCR GMO method and germinated before shipping to the customer. All tests are conducted according to AOSCA/ISTA standards.


ZPH Hybrids prides itself on being one of the most versatile and loyal seed companies worldwide. We personally take the time to travel to prospective customers, getting to know both you and your needs. We personally plant and harvest test plots from Nebraska to Kentucky, giving us one-on-one time with the customer and growers. Time and time again, we follow through with our customers and go the extra mile to ensure our product is the best quality one could ask for. Please give us a chance to serve your needs - you won't be disappointed!


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48397 809th Road North Loup, Nebraska 68859 USA